Jamaica Developers Community

Jamaica Developers Community


We at Jamaican Developers Community, JaD for short, aim to bridge the gap between people and companies in the tech industry with each other and the public at large, especially in Jamaica. It aims to provide a central hub for news, events, job opportunities, organizations, exciting projects, and websites (especially Jamaican projects and websites).

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Community Managers

Oshane Bailey

Community Manager

Co-Founder of Osoobe, Caribbean Tech Connect and Jamaica Developers Community

Oshane is an experienced developer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. He is skilled in Python, JavaScript, PHP and Docker. He is an avid contributor to Open Source Software and has participated in Google Summer of Code (2017) and Open Source Initiative (2018) as a student and mentor.

Nicholas Kee

Community Manager

Co-Founder of Osoobe Ltd, Kee Farms and Caribbean Tech Connect

Nicholas is an entrepreneurial polymath who cares deeply about the things that disrupt the narrative and creates exponential change.

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