Jamaica Game Developer Society

Jamaica Game Developer Society

The Jamaica Game Developer Society is a coalition of projects and people in support of Jamaica’s video game communities.
Founded in 2013, the organization primarily serves to advocate for the emerging local game development sector, by providing education, sharing of experience and network opportunities.

To that end, the JGDS Organizes socials, presentations, and showcases, and established connections with the interactive design community at large.

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Community Managers

Glen Henry

Community Manager

Founder/ Project Director of Spritewrench Studios (a Micro Game Development Studio based in Kingston, Jamaica) and Community Leader for Jamaica Game Developers Society.

He is an experienced creative professional, seeking to expand the way Jamaicans explore & interact with digital media. He aims to explore the ways the Caribbean's cultural position can influence the stories we tell.

Graham Reid

Event Organiser

Graham Reid is a Jamaican-born-and-raised art director and independent video game developer who is currently based in New York.

Since then, Graham has worked as a freelance motion graphics designer and animator, and most recently concluded a six-year stint as a visual / product designer at Snapchat. Though he was working on games all throughout that time, he officially started his one-man studio called "GrahamOfLegend" in 2018 and is now a full-time game developer.

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