Tech Communities in Jamaica and the Caribbean

The following is a list of the tech communities in Jamaica and the Caribbean. If you know of a community that is not on the list. Please add their name and joining details by visiting our community forum and replying to this post the Tech Communities in Jamaica – 2021 Updated List.

Jamaica Artificial Intelligence Association

A group of Jamaicans is passionate about AI and its applications. They meet on Sundays and discuss a wide range of topics around AI including use cases for Jamaica. Follow Us Facebook Visit Facebook Page Community Managers Matthew Stone Community

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UX Designer Network Jamaica

A space for Jamaican-based UX designers, Product Designers, Interaction Designers, Visual Designers, UX Researchers, and aspiring designers to share their journey, collaborate with each other, and find job/project opportunities

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Tech Communities in the Caribbean

Jamaica Developers Community

  We at Jamaican Developers Community, JaD for short, aim to bridge the gap between people and companies in the tech industry with each other and the public at large, especially in Jamaica. It aims to provide a central hub

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Jamaica Game Developer Society

Jamaica Game Developer Society The Jamaica Game Developer Society is a coalition of projects and people in support of Jamaica’s video game communities.Founded in 2013, the organization primarily serves to advocate for the emerging local game development sector, by providing

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